Saturday, January 16, 2010


We Provide the Cheapest Lodging in Town::))

-accommodate types of chalet and terrace homestay with the cheapest RM in Parit Raja-

Why you should try
Kampung scenery plus types of fruit trees surrounded the chalet and terrace houses.

10km from Ayer Hitam Exit Toll PLUS heading Town Batu Pahat.

Places of interest near it
UTHM (Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia) main campus + town campus
Foods heaven (alongside the main street 'Jalan Kluang') you name it!
Some of the popular dishes: Mee Bandung Muar, Mee Rebus, Sate' Ngadino, Soto... nyum..nyum!! (Lontong of course..)
5-10minutes drive to Pacific Mall Batu Pahat
10-20minutes to Carrefour Batu Pahat
10-20minutes to PrimaModa Batu Pahat (near drivethru McD BP)

Above: Chalet (196sqft) 2 singlebed c/w fan,TV, bathroom
Price: RM50/night onwards (Terms and Condition applied)

Terrace: 2rooms with 4xdoubledecker bed complete with fan,TV,bathroom
Price: RM80/night onwards (Terms and Condition applied)
Pictures will be uploaded later for reference

**If you're driving on PLUS Highway, make sure turn to Exit Ayer Hitam and take left after the exit